NAFCO'S Vision

We are a Store Proposing a Total Lifestyle  for You to Create an Even More Comfortable Lifestyle We aim to be a “Lifestyle Creator”

As a result of diverse lifestyles and intensifying competition, the environment surrounding the distribution industry is becoming increasingly harsh. Despite such circumstances, we, at NAFCO Corporation, have been able to expand to 362 stores (Group) mainly around Western Japan. We believe that this has been made possible through the warm support and encouragement of our customers.


Since the establishment of the Fukamachi Furniture Store in 1947, we have focused all our efforts on product development, the improvement of our operating systems and the enhancement of customer service based on our awareness that “Our stores are here for our customers.” Today, we are aiming and putting all our efforts in becoming a “Lifestyle Creator,” a store that proposes a total lifestyle for our customers in creating an even more comfortable lifestyle. Furthermore, we have adopted a scoring system, which evaluates the positive points of our employees because we respect the independence and the spirit of challenge embodied by each individual above all else. As a result, all employees are happily applying themselves to work in a relaxed manner and demonstrating their potential to the fullest extent.

Our organization is a cohesive organization with active internal communication that is capable of sharing wisdom and acting as a unified group. This is at the heart of our corporate culture of full participation and collective wisdom, the source of our corporate development and the reason why we believe that the retail industry is tantamount to the education industry.

Since we went public in 2003, we have continued to distribute profit based on our basic policy of stable dividends. Going forward, we will continue to make efforts for the enhancement of corporate value and the realization of sustained growth to meet the expectations of our shareholders.

We believe that health is a top priority for both our staff and the company. We hope that “customers and NAFCO,” “business partners and NAFCO” and “management and staff” will join hands, value human relationships and mutual support, engage in lively and friendly competition and make every effort to ensure coexistence and co-prosperity.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Takumi Ishida