Products and Services
Furniture/ Home Fashion Stores
Provide a wide range of products to cater Customers’ lifestyles that are becoming individualized and diverse. More than 80% of products are exclusively developed by NAFCO to satisfy the needs of our customers.

 Products offering:

【 Furniture and decor 】
・ Kitchen and Dining furniture
・ Living room furniture
・ Bed and Bedroom furniture
・ Study room furniture
・ Wedding gift furniture

【 Interior furnishings 】
・ Bedding
・ Small furniture and other useful items
Home Centers

Provide products to enhance your lifestyle and quality of life. Our line-up includes all the essentials and more to help you build the atmosphere that suits you and your home. We offer accessible and viewer friendly displays to allow you to choose with ease, the items you are after. NAFCO also offers an array of original and unique items.

 Products offering:

・ DIY Hardware
・ Gardening
・ Exterior and interior furnishings
・ Automobile Accessories
・ Pet Goods
Combination Stores
Positions to provide valued product for those with diverse lifestyles. Our professional and creative sales representatives offer consultation to help customers building the home of dreams.

 Products offering:

・ General furniture
・ Interior and furnishings
・ DIY Hardware
・ Gardening merchandises
・ Automobile and car accessories
・ Pets goods

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